Monika Roscher Bigband – Firebird (Official Video)

Firebird – by Monika Roscher Bigband

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From the upcoming album „Witchy Activities And The Maple Death“ (May 5th
2023, Zenna Records).
A prog big band of 18 musicians between avant-pop, art-rock and math-jazz.
Monika Roscher Bigband @nicaroschea

directed, painted and animated by Sascha Banck

Julian Schunter: Alt, Fl
Jan Kiesewetter: Alt, Sopran
Jasmin Gundermann: Ten, Fl
Michael Schreiber: Ten, Fl, Didge
Heiko Listza: Bass Cl, Bari Sax, Fl

Felix Blum
Angela Avetisyan
Vincent Eberle
John-Dennis Renken

Alistair Duncan
Lukas Bamesreiter
Christine Müller
Jakob Grimm

Rhythm Section:
Monika Roscher: Guitar, Vocals
Hannes Dieterle: Electronics
Josef Reßle: Piano (Solo)
Ferdinand Roscher: Bass
Tom Friedrich: Drums

Composed by Monika Roscher and Hannes Dieterle
Lyrics written by Monika Roscher
Arrangement by Monika Roscher
Recorded and engineered by Christian Lohr
Additional recordings by Gerd Baumann (vocals)
Additional engineering by Steffen Dix
Mixed by Matthias Leichtle and Willy Löster
Mastered by Alex Kloss

The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Zenna Records, all rights reserved.


Enfiring breeze
playful and mild
sparkling summer tide
oh no control
says freedom with delight

Fireflies like thousands spirits appear
after dark they’re always near
colours start breaking through the sky

Hide and seek in the glimmering night
exploring unkown heights
stars follow moves like alien eyes

We are on top of the light
close to the sea, strangely wild
swim through radiation of light
magical shore, strangely wild

Open spaces, meteor shower
new dimension, toxicating flowers
tentacles have linked all living minds

Touching rays with your bare hand
sparkling dance, this will never end
fireflies are leading your way

We are on top of the light
close to the sea, strangely wild
swim through radation of light
magical shore, strangely wild

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